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(doris - to be folded and guided)

'to be folded and guided' is a split with freezer and doris. Two bands that since their first releases, have played many shows together, and dreamt up what they could collaborate on. 'to be folded and guided' aims to redefine what collaboration looks like in the Australian music community, with this release not just being a split between the bands, but also acting as a three way collaboration between independent labels Sore Horse, tactic (recs), and of course us.

On this split, doris offer up their track 'bookshop'. Their proudest work yet, 'bookshop' explores screamo, emo, and slowcore, whilst offering insight to their upcoming debut LP 'four trees', set for release in winter 2024.

Released 22/03/2024, Kitty is offering a CD with live recordings, remixes, demos, and B-sides (from both bands). Sore Horse is offering a CD with varying tracks, and tactic is offering a cassette with a combination of what both CD's have to offer.

For fans of I Hate Myself, Strictly Ballroom, and duster.

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