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(doris - four trees LP)

'four trees' is the output of about a year and a half of work. Hundreds of hours spent rehearsing, writing, and recording, this debut album from doris was recorded entirely DIY in ziek's mum's shed, in the house they grew up in, in Maitland, NSW, Australia. A true testament to who the band really are, they spent a month live tracking in a shed that was barely insulated throughout January of 2024, and in a six month turn around the band has produced a debut album that has already received Album of the Week for both FBI Radio, and 4zzz Radio.

Released on 07/06/2024, Kitty was offering CD's but they sold out before the record came out, and the band sold out whilst on tour with freezer during June of 2024. 

In preparation for their North America tour throughout June and July of 2024, BSDJ and Mob Records will both be selling cassettes for this record.

For fans of I Hate Myself, Everyone Asked About You, and Strictly Ballroom

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