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(Mouse - Here Was Then)

Lead by Caleb Anderson (songwriter, guitar, vocals), 'Here Was Then' was Mouse's debut LP - an LP being a goal for the band since its conception. After playing in his old band Glasshouse, and in Tired Lion, Caleb acquired bassist Riley Brown, guitarist and vocalist, Kate McGuire, and drummer Jay Clive to complete this record.

'Here Was Then' well and truly cemented Mouse as one of the frontrunners for alternative guitar music in Australia, with the album receiving album of the week (week of release) for both FBI Radio, and 4zzz Radio.

Released 22/08/2022, "Here Was Then' is the labels first vinyl release.

Read more about this release in Kitty Zine Vol.1 !

For fans of Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins

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