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Combining shimmering violins with outbursts of feedback from an amp being pushed to its limits, Twine is a noise rock band who almost defy genre labels. Influenced by the experimentation of 90’s bands like Unwound, Slint and The Dirty three; while also incorporating an approach to honest song writing reminiscent of alt country staples like Jason Molina and David Berman, the band have already made an impact during their short period of existence.


At the heart of Twine's artistic practice is a commitment to creativity and experimentation. Combining the mess and clamour of noise and feedback with soft passages of meditative lyrics and violin, the music Twine makes delves deep into many of life’s issues, with the instrumentation made to match the turbulence.The band creates music that is both technically impressive and exciting, holding emotion and vulnerability at its core, shrouded in the the jagged edges of violence and noise. This has led to a string of critically acclaimed releases and live performances that have thrilled audiences around the country.


One of the band's earliest successes came with the release of the song ‘Same Old Problems’, which received widespread critical acclaim, including features on The Matt Wilkinson Show (UK), Post Trash (US) and was named one of the top 5 songs of the week on Triple J Unearthed (AU).This came Alongside radio play across Triple J, Double J, PBS, 4ZZZ and FBI etc


More recently, Twine have set their eyes firmly to the future, working on their debut album which is set to be released in the latter half of 2023.Twine's forthcoming album is an exciting and highly anticipated step forward from the band, with acclaimed US sound engineer, Alex Farrar (Wednesday, Snail Mail, MJ Lenderman) seeking out the band directly to work with them. The album is set to showcase the band’s skill and versatility as musicians and composers, with a dizzying array of sonic textures and ideas that will cement an artistic style uniquely their own.


Alongside their recording work, Twine have also made a name for themselves as a formidable live act. With a reputation for explosive and captivating performances, they’ve won over crowds across a range of festival appearances including SwirlFest (SA), West End Fest (NSW) and The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl (QLD), in addition to shows around the country alongside other rising alternative acts such as Garage Sale (VIC), Horror My Friend (SA) and Mini Skirt (NSW)


With attention and interest gained from a slew of international labels, tastemakers, and radio stations, Twine seems to be on the cusp of not only national but international recognition.

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