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Elevating lamentation and misunderstanding into a thing of possessed intent, Propaine’s four members

chart the restlessness we feel into songs that brim with ethereal punch. The band is inherently collaborative. It began with a shared love of emo music that has morphed into something unexpected.

Each member brings individual inspiration that ends up making the songs neither emo, nor alt-rock, nor punk or hardcore. The songs are sad but not depressing, they’re energetic but have space for

contemplation. What punctuates their effectiveness is their implacability.

At the heart of Propaine’s songwriting is a commitment to pushing the song ever-forward. Their writing eschews any sort of dedication to normal song structure. Instead, they aim to capture the

energy of the previous part to extend the feeling of the song, going deeper and deeper into the episodic storytelling of the frontwoman, Mim. Mim’s narrative voice has taken shape through her

reverence for Billy Joel. Her words are like a knife cutting through the contours of perspective. The emotional verve that adds flavour to the stories is Mim’s great gift and allows the instrumentation to

urge forward in a great wave of melody. Bands such as French screamo band Daïtro inspire the bass parts into jutting, harmonious phrases. The guitar then weaves in and out of these bass parts, tying

bows of emotion around the song structure and using bands such as Title Fight and the Van Pelt as inspiration. The drumming scaffolds this variety into uniformity, building a house off of inspiration from bands such as At the Drive-In and Unwound.


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