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doris x freezer x Naaki Soul tour reflection

Genuinely the most rewarding tour I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It was only a year ago that doris had the 'Birthday Cards' EP tour, and to see the progression in the emo DIY scene since then is truly amazing. Sold out shows in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney this tour fulfilled every childhood dream imagineable.

tactic recs got a bunch of footage of the gigs, and more importantly all the inbetween bits -

Setup by Sore Horse, all throughout this tour there was a love story being written between us, with Kitty and Sore Horse bands lining up and crossing over throughout the whole tour - it was beautiful.

A stand out was new band, mycriesfallondeafears who will hopefully release thru Kitty soon :)

Here are some truly evil photos from throughout the tour -


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