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Kitty Records Studio Space

Kitty is born! First up, we'd like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in which we'll be working on, the Kabi Kabi and the Jinibara People.

We started this label to create a safe, and inclusive space within the scene, to create opportunities for bands, artists and people to be heard, to create life for projects that otherwise might have drowned, to connect and create community. We also hope to lead by example by showing it's okay to be yourself, and most importantly do it yourself.

As a label we'll be offering the following services:


- Production/Recording (We can help record your album, or get you in contact with some of our fav producers/engineers) 


- Distribution (We can help you get your record out into the world and your fav record stores) 


- Merch (Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, Tees, Totes, pretty much anything you can think of, just hit us up) 


- Events (As Kitty we will be doing showcases of our artists from time to time, so make sure you sign up to our mailing list to stay in the loop about upcoming shows. Most shows will be DIY AA shows, so you might not see that it's happening if you're just looking at your local venues) 


- Store (We will also be opening up our store space to friends and local creatives to sell their art/music)


Although we mentioned wanting to have an inclusive space. If you're sexist, homophobic, transphobic, rascist or you're someone who physically/sexually assaults people, we don't need or want you to buy our products, or to be apart of what we're doing in any way. 

Kitty Records won't tolerate discrimination or abuse of any kind. 

Look after yourself.

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